Department of Nutrition

The therapeutic feeding unit provides healthy nutritional programs for all patients with diabetes, heart, liver and kidneys, or those who suffer from overweight and obesity, as well as those who suffer from thinness. Diet instructions are also provided during pregnancy and lactation, especially for women who suffer from diabetes. In addition, the department provides a special program for health and fitness to meet the aspirations of women to have a harmonious and healthy body.

Cases that are treated:

  • Diabetics.
  • who suffer from kidney disease.
  • Preparing a healthy and balanced diet after studying each case.
  • Weight reduction (obesity).
  • Preparing nutritional programs for cancer patients.
  • Hypertensive patients.
  • Heart patients and high blood cholesterol.
  • Preparing a diet for a pregnant woman.
  • Preventive tips to face serious diseases such as heart, diabetes and obesity through well-studied nutritional programs.
  • Follow-up of patients after surgeries.
  • Follow-up of patients after gastrectomy operations.
  • Nutritional programs for patients with ovarian cysts.

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